first week@NITIE

04 Jul

A week and some days have passed at NITIE. After giving my intro and the reason for the weird spelling of my name umpteenth times (excluding the first few days where I was absent) I can safely say quite some people know my parents were numerologically inclined.
My biggest regret till now inability to sleep through lectures. My engg classmates will vouch that the sight of me sleeping through class was as routine as the dawn of the next day. I still feel my eyelids go heavy each time a prof walks in but to say the truth am too scared to brazenly drool and sleep. The profs do pull you up which can result in entertainment for others but not so much for yours truly.
Apart from that life here isn’t as dull as engg. There are lot of committees and forums to look forward to. Am very excited about something extra curricular for the first time after school. A couple of committees have left me salivating but you have to clear two rounds of interviews before you get into them and seems everyone has applied to all the committees except gain certain smart people who only applied to what ‘interested’ them. So in face of competition I do not know how bright my rather limited ability to sell myself stands.
Also had a taste of Mumbai locals. Now I had no idea what a fast and slow local meant. Now I do and believe me take the words for their face value. A slow not only has a lot more (and I mean that) stops it is actually slow.
It’s a snail, it’s a tortoise…no it’s a local..
You get the drift.(and yes, I watched Superman Returns with a comic book curl of hair in place. Typical superhero-Hollywood fare. Brandon Routh does look good though, even in red you-know-what)
Other than that since its raining 24×7 have been holed up in campus. NITIE looks more like CUSAT than Mumbai. In fact I speak more mallu here than I ever did there. To really remind yourself that you are in Mumbai you need to get into an auto, shell out 30 bucks and eat mall food from hiranandani. After you are done with expensive bad food rest assured you will feel you are in Mumbai.
I had always though the mumbaiyya accent was exaggerated in the movies, after I realized that there was to be no Raj Malhotra singing and dancing in my life, but yes the hindi here is different from the punju hindi am used to. No yaar tu kar liyo,tu dekh liyo..
Well that’s it for now. Have a committee interview at 2220 and one at 0040 as the list said. I usually am very impressive after my rigor mortis time. Incidentally that’s the name of the committee Impress. It handles the media relations.
Wish me luck!!
PS:heard that in IIMA the freshers were made to do 4 case studies in a day. Now I know the divine reason behind my percentile.


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2 responses to “first week@NITIE

  1. Batty

    July 4, 2006 at 4:29 pm

    Repeat:You got a good flow, direct it towards somethng that appeals to a larger audience. :). I wdnt dare repeat my comment :))

  2. d_grail

    July 5, 2006 at 1:53 am

    hmm…and what would that b??thanx…though…koi to padta hai!!


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