all their bags are packed,they are ready to leave

23 May

to meet, to love and to depart
that’s the story of the human heart

I wish i had another one of those look-I-pushed-the-eraser-up-my-nose type story but I don’t have. One of my friends is leaving the day after and the other the day next.My parents have made sure am here to bid adieu to my entire batch by booking me really late tickets and i mean really late. in fact its so late that my PG owner asked if I intended to stay for another year before bursting into laughter at his own wit.
Right now my own wit has taken a beating,little whatever of which existed in the first place.On asking dad what he expected me to do all these days alone he asked me to pack,slowly.I think he meant one dress at a time.And I have like 5 sets of clothes only.So I was actually thankful we had a uniform all this while and you didn’t need diffreent clothes everyday plus the added advantage of having a biological weapon ready and functional by day three.And I live with two girls who have a million dresses each and matching accessories..Yes I often feel like gareeb sudama…
Almost finished with State of fear by Michael Crichton. Am a big fan of his for long. State of fear also introdeuces a new and diffferent viewpoint.Something which we take for granted as wrong.Read if you can. Also reread The davinci code for nth time.Waiting for the movie now.Check out this piece below and convince me the person on Jesus’ right is not a woman.

I don’t believe in holy bloodline and all that but a woman could have been an important disciple right.
Anyways since I have nothing more to entertain you I shall bid adieu. Our attempts to fool the asianet guys have ended in disaster as a result we will be coughing up some serious money tomorrow.Yes the type that leaves holes in pockets and our net connection will also be gone.
So I may not write for sometime and I may be in Bharat ka sabse bada shehar the next time you catch me.So till then keep laughing at yourself…and life will give you more opportunities to do so.

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One response to “all their bags are packed,they are ready to leave

  1. Batty

    May 24, 2006 at 8:17 am

    Right from the start of time it has been very difficult to distinguish between sexes..take for example, Shakespere’s characters – I would have bet my wealth on Macbeth being the best fit for Ms Universe. So that pic of yours proves nothing. And as a person who is fond of literary works and an atheist, Da Vinci code doesnt rock as hyped. Angels and Demons and Digital fortress are the real rockstars. Guess what Sony is now considering making a movie on Angels and Demons


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