i have nothing to post

22 Apr

My exams-the final engineering ones i hope to write are couple of weeks away, so the days are spent catching up on the sleep that will be lost in the future.10 hours may be called beauty sleep but 16 hours gives puffy eyes and makes your surroundings surreal.
Since am spending more time in the twilight zone than registering the sights and sounds around me I am not getting enough opportunities to display my foot-in-mouth afflictions and give you the reactions I generate.
The mega post I am convinced will never see the light of the day.
Btw,gave a 3 minute impromptu speech on how to prepare for CAT today.I can go on for couple of hours telling people about all the mistakes I made,but am saving that for my best-seller 98 point someone-what not to do in CAT.My publisher says I should change my main characters into BPO staffers with names like Zoom and Pogo so that readers identify with them, I am hell bent on naming them Hi-lilu-Shishindu and Roberto Clemenceau Ekstrakovic.
Since these days I have nothing to do I often look back on my 4 years here.I do not recognise the wide eyed idealist who came here,the wanna-be writer who ended up writing C programs.The girl who was awarded her school’s highest honour for kindness,modesty,high moral and social values,strength of character and conviction including sportsman spirit, today just considers these to be flowery adjectives.Am I cynical?No am happier now than I was before because now I believe that nothing matters.Nothing is permanant,least of all human nature.
In my 4 years here I learnt
1.I have an incredible ability to mug up and vomit answers all the time preventing even an iota of technical knowledge to enter my brain
2.When you are happy and funny,the whole world will laugh with you.When you are unhappy you have Media player and a pillow to share it with.
3.You cannot feel another’s pain and they can’t feel yours either.
4.Bhaijaal and we are just close friends are better than giving the guy justice.
5.Other people know more about your mother’s character than you do.They can also transform your as interesting as a caterpillar-crossing-the-road personal life into a potboiler.
6.If you are diligent enough you will learn how to make good Ppts and use MSWord by the end of 4 years of comp science.
7.Your salary is marginally better than a PSU employed chaprasi but you can pride yourself in driving our country’s econonic boom by slogging for Xendu Coorp based In USA.
8.Karan Johar has never been in a relationship in his life.
Perhaps I should stop now since the post is becoming as happy as a rainbow in a clear blue sky.
Oh yes in case I forgot to mention earlier am planning to follow the course all self respecting engineers follow
1.MBA after B.Tech
2.MBA after B.Tech and MS
3.MBA after and serving one year bond
I have gone for option one and will be joining NITIE,Mumbai to complement the technical skills I have garnered in four years with the appropriate business acumen to make a successful career(my answer to the why an mba?)
Also check out the new addition to my blogroll.That’s your reward for wading through mine.


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3 responses to “i have nothing to post

  1. Anonymous

    April 23, 2006 at 11:14 am

    Its really nice to hear that a Person like you is sleeping so much in PL.It would give all mediocre students much needed Confidence and would act as a Energy Booster as if topper is sleeping for 10 hours…the rest should follow the trend and Improve it by atleast few hours.

    It was a very Shocking to know that the “Mega Post” might not come.Plz dont do that as many are eagerly waiting for that.Your Blog Sitemeter seems to be running at a very fast rate i.e @rate of 36 per 24 hr which implies 3 user every 2hr.Thts gr8.I hope that this rate now becomes Constant otherwise very soon dgrail would get an award for Most Visited Site and then common man having Asianet Connection(speed evn slower thn Turtle)wont be able to access your Blog.

    If fetching all of the school’s moral science awards eventually led your kind self to have 16 long hours of continuous palate vibrations , heaven forbid what would happen if someday you win the nobel( not for your blogging skills I presume) or maybe your masterpiece98 point someone-what not to do in CAT fetches you the Oscars. Well if what is now just a wishful thinking does happen, guess someone would have to double the hours in a day , to allow you to double your count (of sleep).

    I think 98.someone wont ge a gr8 idea as for that we all have to wait for another 2 years.So better if you write “What not to do in CUSAT” so that the word U n S are removed and then CUSAT>>CAT.Also do mention the fact tht it was System’s fault and not ours because of which we have not much or rather i should say any fruitful technical Knowledge.

    About the things which u learnt in these four year…i think you were bit too late in realizing these facts…most probably you were knowing all those before but accepted only now.Anyways Better late than Never.

    On a more serious note, totally double your stand when you say that nothing is permanent
    but change. After all it wasn’t just a fluke when Bob Dylan jotted down the soulful
    lyrics “ I used to care, but things have changed” striking a cord in everyone’s heart.
    As regards to what you learnt in your B.Tech , the 4th point
    Bhaijaal and we are just close friends are better than giving the guy justice -was
    beyond this poor boy’s comprehension. Till then eagerly waiting for your next
    post/ megapost.

    With luv

  2. Anonymous

    April 26, 2006 at 10:33 am

    nothing is permanent, least of all human nature, true. but then the only thing that is permanent is death but that doesnt mean we give up on living, rite, so y give up on human nature? N I dont mean to sound rude but somebody’s got to this. Dont try n put up a strong pseudo feminist front n pretending that nothing wat people say or do hurts u, that u are past caring , ur consistency in not leaving the topic shows that u do. N the fact that u dont recognise urself is also wrong, coz u still do. u still write, n u say that ur not an idealist nemore but then u never were. u still care n u still hurt but I guess staying so long with non animated things has

  3. Anonymous

    April 26, 2006 at 10:43 am

    made u 4get how to show ur feelings. and as long as u dont hurt anybody intentionally, u have the highest moral character.Be brave Dhiv and embrace the reality, that ur not as strong as thought u were. And kindness,modesty,high moral and social values,strength of character and conviction including sportsman spirit. Dhiv u remembered, for somebody who didnt care, u remembered.
    And people can feel ur pain, I kno u ll feel mine. u may not abandon everything n come just to stroke my hair when I m hurt but I kno u feel my pain n other’s too.
    the world is not out there to get u, ask n u shall receive try,


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