18 Apr

Have not written for some time,the reason being a mix of internals,farewell,project presentation and the inherent laziness I suffer from.Then wanted to write about my engineering days in a fit of nostalgia but the post never seemed to end so you will have to wait for those words of wisdom.Also have been tagged to write about what I plan to do in the coming months before I go for my PG.And had also thought of sharing my gyaan on CAT and how not to get into IIMs.The thought of having to write so much had me immobilised into inaction.

Internals came and went.It truly ‘tested’ me!!
Farewell threatened to go the class trip way for a long time. But all of us,or rather most of us did end up at the buffet party.

It had our teachers telling us what it felt to teach us, folllowed by a game of truth and dare.After which the boys hit the bar and the girls the food.My plate disappeared when I went to change the music.Countless photos were taken that day.All of mine feature me and my nose which has now developed a distinct personality. Add to that am as photogenic as an orangutan and seem to have either closed my eyes in a buddha like trance in most of them or flared my nostrils in the remaining,the effects are i assure you truly spectacular.For those particularly desirous of seeing what it was all about please hop over to Rohit’s flickr acount.

Finally my project demo where Murphy demonstrated himself yet again.I had preponed my demo(!!!) and sat back to enjoy the weekend.Finally on Sunday morning when I tried to run my project I got Error 403..I tinkered,googled,restarted my machine till it became Error 405.Even the brightest and the best in my class and the next threw up their hands.Finally through divine intervention and some manual too revelation dawned that the IIS properties had to be adjusted and the home directory changed.By this time the clock had struck 9 and for me rigor mortis sets in by 12 especially on the day before any exam.The PPT I proceeded to make and my total preparation for the presentation next morning was spellbinding.Monday dawned too quickly and after finally getting my 2 evaluators at the same place and the same time I presented my masterpiece.All was fine till they asked me all this is great but what have you done in this project? I would like to draw the curtains on this matter here.

On a whole my stay in Cochin is coming to a close, and though it has not come a day sooner,I know I will miss this city.If anything this is the city where I actually grew up and felt the fear one does when they discover the kind of person they truly are.But hey all that in the farewell megapost…till then..relax..

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