American History X

01 Apr

The title of this movie made me curious enough to watch it.Also been an Edward Norton fan since Primal Fear days so went ahead with it.
The first shock was to see a shaved, muscular Norton because you are used to see him in weak roles. But in this movie the beefed up Norton is a skin head or neo nazi.

The movie is about two things both irrational but dangerous-hate and racism.The movie has come under a lot of criticism for its presentation and is used by white supremist groups as propaganda. The reason maybe because the movie doesnot offer any solutions but shows the problem brutally and honestly.It doesn’t end with the black and white guy holding arms walking into sunset but with a new cycle of violence which may drive the enlightened skinhead back to the beginning.

The movie is scary because it shows an intelligent guy falling for what he himself later calls bull****.It shows shows how complete the belief of the followers is in the bull****.It shows that prejudice often passes from those we love and do not wish to find faults with.

Rather than the ‘curb’ scene where Derek Vinyard splits open a guy’s jaw by smashing his face on the pavement,I found disturbing the scenes where the black lady at counter is humiliated,the smug look of accomplishment on Vinyard’s face when arrested,the wide eyed incomprehension on his girl friends face to common sense.

To think this movie lost the Oscar to something like Shakespeare in Love is incomprehensible.Perhaps because the movie doesn’t give hope in a poetic Hollywood-type ending.Instead the ending is as in your face as the beginning.

Full of graphic violence and ample peppering of cuss-words in every single sentence avoid this movie if you are looking for happy endings and relaxation,otherwise you are recommended to get your DVD today!!


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2 responses to “American History X

  1. Vivek Menon

    April 3, 2006 at 1:39 am

    Hey…Found your blog from orkut…3 cheers for any girl into ed norton,shawshank redemption and F1…Don’t tell me u liked Primal Fear more than Fight Club.Btw im Vivek from Symbi…Also from Cochin…will be in mumbai for my summers…ciao…just started writing my blog…very boring..

  2. Vivek Menon

    April 3, 2006 at 1:43 am

    lol..never realised ur from
    CUSAT too till i saw ur groups list on orkut…not bad.Me a poor 2004 passout in IT.


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