what 4000 can buy

27 Mar

After deciding to actually think and write my posts from now and not to let an insane keyboard burst test everyone’s patience I wanted to refrain from posting till something worthwhile strikes my mind but I thought this TOI report worth a mention.I couldn’t find a relevant link so am reproducing parts of the article.

Bride Bazaar
they do not want daughters but they do want wives.Its a supply crunch alright for males in haryana.Not far from the glitzy malls of gurgaon lie the thriving mandis of flesh trade-where the price of a ‘bride’ is often less than a cow.
861/1000 males:haryanas skewed sex ratio spawns a generation of bachelor boys.The bride price ranges from Rs4000 to Rs30000 determined by factors like age,virginity,skin colour and how many times she has changed hands.
the horror of it is the social sanction the custom is receiving now.For the woman who’s been purchased by a man who is either too old,unemployed,disabled or unable to have a male heir,its a struggle to survive n the alien culture.The ‘bride’ also makes economic sense because she can be resold or shared with unmarried brothers after she’s borne male heirs..

On the opposing page was a review of Kavya Vishwanathen’s chick-lit book How Opal Mehta got kissed,got wild and got a life (penguin).Vishwanathan got a $500000 advance from little brown for a two book deal…

Vasudev Kutumbkam??

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