13 Mar

Inspired by Megha’s blog I did some googlism myself and had some hilarious results…although my numerologically altered name turned up a staid Google does not know you enough..the real spelling threw up some interesting views Google had on me…

By the way, Googlism was created as a fun tool to see what Google “thinks” of certain topics and here goes..

divya is an attractive girl and has many admirers
(blush..fluttering of 2m long eyelashes)

divya is a psychopath and she killed radhika
(it was in self defence)

divya is also a board member of shakti
(also many other equally powerful boards)

divya is the murderer also forced to behave in a completely insensible manner
(as i was saying it was in self defence)

divya is healthy

divya is werkelijk onovertroffen wat de anamnese betreft
(yes am all that)

divya is still looking for a way to combine her interests in science
(very true…but with what?)

divya is the practise of solemnly swearing under oath
(my parents really weren’t thinking when they named me)

divya is now reaching to global boundaries by exporting its product & software to overseas clients
(i am?)

divya is being touted as the star to watch for
(more batting of eyelashes)

divya is the best
(batting has created a the core of a cyclone)

divya is actually an adopted child

divya is doing her post
(yes she is)

divya is the youngest member of the thendral team
(pat pat…what’s it something in the kidney?)

divya is the main connection to the nucleus of the houston scene
(and many other)

divya is still waiting to connect with her family after six days
(22 years is more like it)

divya is mentally retarded
(shush…not so loud..)

divya is unable to take this
(yes, yes i shall stop right now)

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One response to “googlism

  1. Bonny Babe

    March 14, 2006 at 1:39 am

    Didn’t know about Googlism… Thanks that was fun!


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