ah well…its a cell…

10 Mar

On my Trip to Mumbai I was sitting alone in my coupe with a dutch couple on the side berth..After intently staring at my feet for a long time I finally made I eye-contact with the girl..She hopped on to my side clutching a book with bright blue Shiva on cover..our attempt at conversation did not last long as repeating yourself three times does put a hamper on the spontaneous talk..but she did find it unbelievable that anyone would actually sit in a train for 26 hours to go to mumbai.I decided to spare her the heart attck of the joys of travelling sleeper class to Delhi for 52 hours.The guy clutched his lonely planet and continued staring at his cell all through the journey..although even Reliance refused range at Divine Nagar..It was one of those fancy sliding models which when fully opened has all the facilities of a 5-star hotel but is so small that you could drop it in your ear while talking.

Coming to mobile phones my first set was the 3310..When I bought it,it was the latest of nokia’s offerings,the wide screen and the friendly was the high end…My joy on procuring the latest lasted exactly 24 hours when nokia rolled out its next model..

Still I maintain I took the 3310 around with some pride even if everyone from the autowallahs to half of my friend’s circle possessed the same..But soon they moved onto glitzier,snazzier versions which had colour screens and cameras while I still lugged mine around..Soon it got relegated to a deep dark corner (actually the place where the lining of the bag tears) of my bag only to be taken out if the shrill non-polyphonic ringtone shrieked..those where the days when competition was limited to polyphonic ring tones and not a whole song with all SFX and definitely no video playing to indicate an incoming call..Having radio on phone was a big thing and blue tooth was thought to be a rare dental affliction..

Soon my battery began to last from two days to one to half day to one phone call to no call…Soon it got itself permanantly attached to the charger and a socket in the wall making it as mobile as a cupboard.To receive acall and to keep a conversation private involved two options-either to reply to each query including the directions to any place in monosyllables or to go and plug the charger into the socket near the waste and talk without inhibitions while gulping down mouthfuls othe odour of stale and rotting food..often without the charger the conversation would proceed to a ya,hello before the phone would gasp its last breath.The caller would remain a mystery and I would be overcome with a savage desire to break the phone into pieces.But self presevation is something 3310 is excellent in.It has bounced over a fence,fallen down two floors,been water soaked and stubbornly refused to stop working…

My relationship with 3310 came to an abrupt end when we were trying to work things out with the help of a new battery when I switched over to Sehwaag ki maa di choice..2280 has had its days but it really cant compete with phones with mp3,videos,xxx pixel camera,wi fi and hi-fi…i mean the primary purpose of 2280 remains making and receiving a call..
yes it remains hidden in the deep dark recesses of my bag till the shrill version of Mozart 40 makes me flush pink and bring it out…
But hey I can use it for self defence…and washing clothes…and it has antique value…


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2 responses to “ah well…its a cell…

  1. Neokluber

    March 11, 2006 at 3:43 pm

    Hehe grail, that was nice!

    My first one was a 3315, your 3310s little brother. The phone’s still functional but my pride never lets me use it. My one year old 6610i has already started looking 10 years old competing with the new smart phones. But I really love it’s FM radio, when stuck in traffic for hours…go 92.5FM, the sound of Mumbai…

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    March 19, 2006 at 9:16 pm

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