IIT eh? Redux

04 Mar

Despite another indefinite strike, threat of our course getting lagged, the VC and registrar asking for police protection this is definitely is cause for cheer.Apna Cusat will be an IIT..I mean people will actually come here after slogging for two years..the highest pay pack will be higher than 2.7 lacs..the students will have a hostel..We may actually have a good band perform here and maybe just maybe a couple of cute guys on campus..but I guess I will be too busy working for a pittance and trying to wriggle my way out of a 2years+training bond somewhere in Indore by the time all this turns into a reality..But hell I no longer will be hard pushed explaining Madras isn’t a state covering entire South India and Kochi is in India and yes a state called Kerala( no not Karela)exists to all the people who ask me where I study after triumphant declaration of their alma mater being St.Stepehens/DCE/IIT(goddamn any one of them)/NIT(goddamn any one of them)..


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2 responses to “IIT eh? Redux

  1. Rohit

    March 4, 2006 at 12:57 pm

    Hey I thought you got a call from MDI Gurgaon, then what’s with the “I will be working in Indore for 2 years” ?

  2. Arun Pillai

    March 9, 2006 at 8:31 am

    feelz quite worthy goin through ur posts although it tu quite some time btw my work..

    Anyways happy blgging


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