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01 Mar

Like any self respecting blogger everytime I log on to the net I quickly open my blog in a window and scroll down furiously to check the site meter count.For a long time of course it remained stubbornly in the double digits.Thats when I decided to take things into my own hand,I quickly deactivated the facility which helps discount the number of times the blog owner views the page or the facility which did not count log ins from the same computer.Stage two involved repeated page views by yours truly.Stage three involved deliberately writing provocative posts instead of the usual garbage parading as humor.All this has today helped me achieve more than 600 hits!(Discounting how many times I personally view it the figure may be still in two digits,those would be viewings done by friends and relatives held at gun point)

Of course i can’t hold a candle to the masters of the game who have 5 digit profile views alone.But I am learning…In this process I am trying to find the demographic profile of my readers.Most of them are concentrated around the Western Ghats near Zaina bakers as Clustermap would tell me..Why would these souls trawl through my blog?Using parts of my blog as an example of internet is the idiot or blogging is for social misfits could be one possible reason,another could be large scale betting prevalent in these areas..(tu haar gaya aaj tujhe yeh poora padhna padega…maafi,maafi…zyada shanpatti mat kar varna archives padha doonga…)what could they want from my blog?
Group number two is concentrated around Delhi..they I presume landed here by accident when they googled on ‘Daler’.
The third are the solitary viewers from the North of America who hoped to find the location of the grail/second hand copies of the davinci code/divine wisdom/Dan Brown’s blog..they of course left the blog as fast as their LAN allowed because my existence proved that Indians could type while riding on elephants .

A long journey awaits me where I would continue to inflict torture on the souls accidently landing on this page in the name of creativity and a mad desire to write ( in a language other than C)..each hit bolsters my misconception that a day will come when I will give Chetan Bhagat a run for his money , win Man-Booker in the process and bring about world peace.I also hope my fake modesty,pretence at being cool and smart alecky will someday finally make Brad Pitt realise his folly in going for Angelina instead of me.

And yes thank you for your patience…


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3 responses to “hit rate

  1. NeoKluber

    March 7, 2006 at 11:32 am

    ha dgrail! You’ve succeeded in attracting quite a lot of people onto your blog! Angelina would have taken more time to become a celeb:)

    Not all Western Ghat bloggers end up in your blog searching for the most idiotic part of internet. I klube around (my word for snooping around) looking for something different – whether it be a movie, a book, the web or this life itself! This klubing got me onto your site.

    Thanks a lot for putting up this blog. Everytime I visit, I get to see something really fresh. Your blog becomes part of my life as I travel wondering about all the things others do and I don’t!

  2. Bonny Babe

    March 14, 2006 at 2:04 am

    Actually I just like the randomness of searching for whatever word pops into my head a the moment and seeing what kinds of blog come up. I didn’t pick Grail… actually it was Psychopath. Hum? I hope you aren’t offended. ;^D

    Though I do appreciate your sarcasm… and pity your cell phone plight. I’ve enjoyed your writing. May you some day be blessed with quadruple digits on the ol’ ticker.

  3. d_grail

    March 14, 2006 at 2:32 am

    @ bonny babe finally the correct word is being associatedwith offence taken

    @neokluber you are most loyal reader..d_grail is thankful for your comments


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