Strikes own country

16 Feb

I don’t have much to write about these days..Days are spent wishing fervently for classes to get cancelled for any reason whatsoever..usually either SFI or KSU does oblige us by taking up the cuase of voices suppressed by our autocratic Admin block..

Now you have to study in Kerala to really fanthom the concept of strikes.I don’t think any other University or for the fact any organisation in any part of the country can you understand the whole concept.I still remember my first strike,it was a few days after my joining the university,when in came marching a group of guys who told us they were going on strike because we(the freshers) were not provided with hostel facility..i whole heartedly agreed with their cause and marched back home. A few days later a fight broke out between two departments in the campus and the sight of frenzied students armed with pipes and rods rushing towards each other has to be seen to be believed..Soon a police squad arrived and me and some classmates walking with me were asked to disappear as fast as our legs could carry if we intended to retain our heads in one piece..all this was too much excitement for my staid,boring upbringing because the closest i had got to pipe fights was Akshay Kumar in one of his Khiladi avataars..I expected this fight to be front page news,unfortunately it wasn’t,neither was the indefinite strike that followed.

That was the first of my indefinite strikes..4 years and you soon recognise the pattern.Day 1 would be SFI strike.Day 2 KSU strike.Day 3 would be ABVP provided they have garnered more than ten students in the protest march..
Indefinite strikes have their own pattern.It usually begins with an inter-party scuffle resulting in susupensions.This in turn results in Strikes till the suspension gets revoked.Peace till the cycle repeats again.

Are they effective tools?yes and no.Am still in an overpriced Pg accommodation even though the hostel cause has been up for four years or more..but have to admit things do get heard when classes remain empty for long.

But it isn’t the university alone.Conspiring with Murphy Auto, buses and taxis go on strike when
1. you land at Ernakulam junction loaded with a dozen bags
2. all you friends finally agree to see a movie together
3. you need to go to the bank
4. you decide to eat out
In fact my welcome to CUSAT at the time of counselling itself was by the train being stranded at Angmally for umpteen hours blocked by strking railway people.
Perhaps being the most educated state has its drawbacks where people aware of their rights and supported by strong unions don’t hesitate cutting a days’s work. For a long time this has proved a major hurdle in industries wanting to set up base here.
I am told the situation has improved from being a daily affair to once a month occurence and yet it is so much different from Delhi where a Bharat Bandh was source of much joy for the one day off it brought.

So till i pick up my time table again,look at the block hours and wish with all my heart for SFI to find another cause to fight.

Continuing my endeavor to reward you for wading through my blog with dedication and patience I present Domain Maximus .Enjoy.


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3 responses to “Strikes own country

  1. Rohit

    February 17, 2006 at 12:13 am

    Mass bunks seem to be the emerging trend these days, at least for us 😛

  2. lazythinker

    February 17, 2006 at 9:17 am

    hey dgrail, so you are back again doing what you do the best, finding faults with the Indian systems?
    As per name, I am very much against the tradition of thinking and the practice of using our vestigeal organ, the brain but you compel me so.
    You compel me connect the positive and negative sides of my grey cells so that I can anode your cathodic thoughts.
    I have made up my mind (or at least I think that I have or I think that I think that I have) to finally put in a post on my blog which might be able to show you a few things you refuse to acknowledge, though I personally dont think your totally hopeless. That passing reference to Delhi had suprise suprise a good word for the big bad city
    And to say you missed me

  3. d_grail

    February 17, 2006 at 12:02 pm

    mass bunk for our class involves waiting till you make sure the teacher doesn’t come..then waiting some more at the ground floor..and when most of the hour has passed and there is no chance in hell the teacher would come,to mutually agree with vigorous nodding that its a bunk!!


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