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06 Feb

What brought this on? bhupen’s blog did…this is the first time am reading his and generally i do not comment on issues at college( unless it involves a great degree of self mockery) but boy do i no we(dragging my friends along) have issues..

The issue at hand is a failed class trip or rather another failed attempt at class trip.Writes bhupen…
where nobody wants to go with anybody,somebody obviously wants to go with somebody, and everybody is not ready for anybody!!!!!
Unity has been a hallmark of our class since the very first year..Two people who may seem best of friends one day may not speak for the remaining semester.We come from vastly different backgrounds and upbringing and we either accept that and move on or we judge that person based on our moral values.As long as somebody is not getting in your way and not causing you any harm the reason not show the basic curtesy of being an classmate is beyond my limited comprehension..

Further bhupen writes
The thing called character is not reflected by your huge actions which you take consiously.It’s those things which you were doing, thinking that “you don’t care” which ultimately go down in character books.And those guys, who did all these, might have boosted themselves, or boosted by close friends have gone down in memory of their own classmates as “CHEAP, and LECHERS”.When we cannot respect our own classmates ,how on earth can someone dream to go around with them.If you thought you were looking “cool” doing all that, well i am damn sure you have ended up being “fool”.

A tragic reflection of my college days is that i will leave this place with just three friends..But perhaps its better to have three friends who will stand by you than those who claim to be friends and yet do nothing when you are being slandered..Once i leave this place and fate brings me face to face with a classmate tomorrow I do not know if i ll acknowledge them or they would acknowledge me..instead of leaving college with a larger network of friends and great memories i would leave this heaving a sigh of relief,thinking the ordeal is finally over,misjudged,misinterpreted and sad..half wondering if i went wrong somewhere…but how is anybody to respond to people who derive joy in the discomfort of people who study with you,whom you have known for a long time now,whose idea of being cool is to pass comments hiding in group of friends and then pretend to be a nice guy when alone or if they want some help…

We have come to point of no return.Nobody can change his/her image from now on.So what is the least which can be expected is a lesson, that what should not be done in future.
That bhupen has got right..just the empty words ki yeh last semester hai will not undo things that have continued for 3 years..What i could hope is both you and i go on to better places from here where we would meet people closer to our way of thinking and that if we dont we would have greater tolerance and would not stereotype somebody because it was easy and the done thing..

And since the 4 of us couldnt live by the rules of morality we were supposed to, damn am happy we lived exactly like we wanted and with whom we wanted..


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7 responses to “food for thought

  1. Anonymous

    February 7, 2006 at 3:13 am

    cool blog yaar n beautiful alng. keep on writing.. n the stuff s pretty interesting too.
    u have written probs which we faced as ur seniors.. well u know dat rt.
    well catch ya, take care!
    ex “teacher”
    ex “senior”


    February 7, 2006 at 3:53 pm

    Hello dgrail,

    You speak the truth. Everywhere we meet those myopic people who can’t accept another one the way he is.

    I should be very thankful to God for giving me a bunch of real good friends in college. Even these days when crushin under the pressures of my work, I could ring up any of them and they are always there for me. With the experience I have, I can tell you, we never make friends in the corporate world. The college days would always be the best days of life.

    But ofcourse there were a lot many, who had pained me during college days. People who can’t even give basic respect to a fellow human being. Block heads who cannot comprehend everyone else can’t be like them. These fellas seem to be living in a world of their own and want others to live by the rules they set – aren’t these people everywhere? Many would agree with me if I say that Kerala has got all these type of people dumped together in one place!!

    Though you might have lost a few friends, by expressing your feelings, you did a brave job dgrail and bhupen. I never did anything like that. Ofcourse when I look back at those ‘cool cool’ guys(who still think they are cool!!), I could only laugh at those fools! How much of this life, short life, are they missing out. It’d be too late when a sense a realisation dawns upon them.

  3. d_grail

    February 8, 2006 at 11:22 am

    good to see neokluber is still following my life…thought you and my dear lazythinker have all but disappeared…good to hear your college was different..however its too late here

  4. Anonymous

    February 12, 2006 at 9:19 am

    Too good buddy…

  5. Anonymous

    February 13, 2006 at 12:21 am

    I didn’t get my chance to know you much during these last three years but am surely touched by your honest confessions.Let me tell you that everyone along with me in our class is responsible for our class’s spate. But the people who are most responsible are the one whose blogs you have just started reading.I dont believe how can some people write things which are most alien to them, oh it must be an art then…so one must not believe in everything one reads from someone…likewise one should not judge a person based on prejudices…..let us try a fresh with all the integrity in our hearts and you will see you just misjudged everyone.

  6. Anonymous

    February 15, 2006 at 2:22 pm


    tribute to all those men who had a series of attempts in achieving what was always unachievable!!!

    If At All U Re Tryin To Point Aphew Amongst Us…Sorry Sayin Friend.. We All Were There Rite Frm The
    Begining…I Doubt Although If U Gettin Wat The Lines Mean!!

    Hey U Hv Succha Firm Belief In Our
    incompetencies…Chalo I appreciate…..But WTF This
    Inprovement Things…DO Ya Hv Ny Idea How Shameless U Look Sayin So!!

    so lets continue….

    Sure !!

    If i continue to point out the faults and weaknesses of our batch may be i will have to write as
    many series as the number of attempts

    Okay…I Agree!!

    so better we conclude in a more effective way-conclusions.

    May I Ask Who Authorised U To Conclude Things…Aur Chalo Mana….If Tht Sense Of Authority Amuses n Entertains U Tht Much …Then Where These All Gonna Weigh..!!

    Ye kahan aa gaye hum

    Khud Se Puch Le Faithfully Aaj Kam Se Kam….Inspite Of Ur Deep Rooted Involvement In Emotions, Feelings And Decisions Of Majority….We Cdnt Understand U …Isnt It Mr. Blog Owner!!..GO Bac n Try Rememberin Ur Efforts In Onder To Fulfill The Personal Desires Of Macho/Stud-You
    In The Name Of ClassTrip n Many Such Things…Do Tell Me If I Need To Elaborate Things In These Shity blogs!!

    Where do we stand now?We stand in no man’s land

    Ya True !!

    where nobody wants to go with anybody

    Nahi ..m Not Wid U specially Wid This Feelin Of Urs!!

    somebody obviously wants to go with somebody

    Ye Le…Khud Hi Tune Apne Pehle Kahe Ko Contradict Kara!


    Naaa…Atleast We re nt…BTW U Deserve nt To Ask Such Questions..!!

    because till now if you were thinking that i am investing so much of time and energy to bring about
    changes in attitude of people then you are worng

    Na Till Now We werent Thinkin Like Tht…Believe Me!!Coz Not Only An Individual Need To Change His/Her
    Attitude…Rather CS Shd Hv Changed Its Attitude Much Befoe!!
    See If By Ny Chance U Feel U Alwayz Taken some intiatives In Order To Make Our NameSake Class A Class…U Jus Cannt Escape Aphew Resistances In Various Forms…But We Cd Hv Dealt These Fruitfully..But No ..U
    Wid Aphew Had ALways Entertained Ur Preoccupied Minds!!

    The basic components for any class to stand together are unity, mutual respect, and faith!Even if i
    do not comply to your thought process i must respect it since you are a well educated human bieng as well.And the vice versa holds good as well, that is if you want your ideology to be heard and mooted ver, you must pay same kind of interest to others first!!

    U Spoke My Words!!

    When we cannot stand together on any one issue what is the need for such a trip??

    C’mon Now…Trip Was Neva An Issue!!
    The Feelin We ll b Dispersin Wid Is Wat I ALwayz Felt Deserves To B An Issue..!!

    According To A CSAian :
    “Conductin Or Announcin A Trip At The Times When I Had Some Other Priorities….So In This Case How can I b Particularly Held Responsible For A Failure…n I ‘d
    Alwayz Appreciate If U Guys Go Ahead Wid The Trip Wid Watever Amount Of Class Strength….Okay Unlucky Me This Time….Mebbe The Next Time If Lucky”

    An Individual Can Hv His/Her Reasons Not To b Physically Present Somewhere!!Okay Now If U Put Forward Excuses Concernin insufficient no. Of Students For The Trip..Then Also I ‘d Point Out The Unnecessity Of Succha Long-Distance Trip..GO
    SomeWhere Near ..Come Bac In 500 Or 700…Thts It…Thr Alwayz Was A Solution..!!

    Secondly U Neva Came FOrward To Discuss Things Wid An Individual…Mr. Self-ProClaimed-Organiser Of The

    In an interesting chat with one of the females of our batch, i learnt how closely everyone is watched and remembered.She quoted following lines for explaining her
    reason to abstain from going to any such trip “People who used bad language on our faces to malign us infront of our class, who used to sit like rogues and pass comments, sing cheap songs, are now all of a sudden so very interested in our company.We are not fools “.

    Shd U Really Hv Mentioned It Here..!!
    Why re U & Tht Gurl Reactin Now n Here….Why Not Bac Then n There…If At All U’d Hv Longed Faithfully For An Effective Solution..!!

    If you thought you were looking “cool” doing all
    that, well i am damn sure you have ended up being “fool”.

    Hehe…Chalo Tum Jo Bhi Socho!!

    Last Mein Yahi Kahoonga Ki :
    U Cannt Impose Ur Ideas Upon Others…Wat U Can Always
    Do Is To COnvince’em….The Same Applies To Me…Wid Everybody Else Around Here!!

    Okay Watever We re ..watever I Am …Watever U Re…Watever Our Class Means To Us…Do We Really Respect Each Otha Or Nt…Forget Abt These Now!!

    If U Cannt Make Things Good n Pleasin Then Atleast U Dnt
    Possess Ny Rite To Make Things Worse AT The Last Moment…A Last Moment Handshake ll DO If U Really Feel
    FOr Our Class!!

    We Dnt Expect Nythin Frm U…Bas Kam Se Kam Dnt Make It Worse By Blamin Each Otha Specially At This Last

  7. Anonymous

    February 15, 2006 at 2:47 pm

    In The Comments Above:

    You = The Blog Owner (


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