04 Feb

The greatest thought ever
if something has to go wrong it will
-Murphy’s Law

Murphy and me have been friends for some time and he follows me around like a smitten puppy.So if i leave out a particular part of course due to my inability to comprehend brand new logic on the day before exam rest assured a question will appear carrying unbelievable wieghtage the next morning, competitive exams change their pattern when i appear for them, buses catch all the red lights when am running late and try imitating sonic trains when am early, banks close before I reach ,you know the general latest encounter when I had given the thick Security in Computing text for xeroxing only to be the first to discover a brand new pile in the library the same afternoon..par ab to aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene ki..

For any Beverly Hills 90120 fans who at any point of time felt their tongue hang out on seeing Jason Prieatly check this out .But of course Britney Spears manged it all within a year..

I do wish Himesh Reshamaiyya would not hold the mike at 45 degree, knit his eyebrows together and emit tera tera tera surooor nasally. Ashiq banaya aapne was great but laagi laaagi laagi??

Also a great take on the past year at mostly thoughtless

Finally a humble request to JKRowling…am one of your greatest fans ever..I have read all your books over and over till I knew the plot forwards and backwards,I have seen the all the movies and have been up in arms against anyone suggesting you have only magicked up Enid Blytons Malory Towers/St.Clarke series. It needs some imagination to think up a world parallel to ours..and all toys in shoe box story is really endearing..Now you are a multi-billionaire and everything please do not write books which are more like scripts for the special effects to be included..The first three books had the lovely cosy book like feeling to them..the last one had a plot too complex to follow and there are too many answers left in the air…and really Harry was better off without a love life than the intermittent purring he ‘s currently experiencing..
And you had to make Dumbledore go that way?

so till next

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  1. lazylibran

    February 5, 2006 at 5:31 am

    Hey dgrail

    So nice to see you on my computer screen. Murphy may have been your friend but fro me he is the one who guides my destiny. He shapes my fate and charts out the path I walk down during the inconsequentail thing called life. During my exams, you were right next door(considering that other wise you live thousands of miles away) and I couldnt meet you. Since my exams have gotten over not only have gone back but didnt blog frequently depriving me of even virtual closeness.
    So I guess if you want to get rid off Murphy, you ll have to get rid off me too.
    One morething, DUMBELDORE IS NOT DEAD! It is my faith, my beleif, my vishvas, my tapasya that he isnt. N if you dont beleive in all that try this site called
    And speaking ofdead, have you ever thought what if Madam J.K.Rowling kicks the bucket in the 2 years or so she is taking to bring out the last book? Murphy shall have the last laugh
    Till I think of more disastrous possibilities


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