yap yap yap

26 Dec

Today actually I dont have much to issues to take up..nothing much happening I am gonna generally ramble about and take up blog space..
KBC2 has i think run out of episodes and are retelecasting something called best of KBC2..anyways any reason to see bigB is welcome to sitting and counting the number of reality show winners to keep track off..there’s Viva(which broke up)..Aasma(having ex-batchmate Vasudha)..aapka Abhijeet..Harshvardhan Navathe(KBC1 winner)..Ruprekha n kaazi..saregama people..get gorgeous people..zee cinestars ki khoj people…as you see i meant rambling..

On personnal front i have achieved victory in the form of learning the art of successfully applying eyeliner without applying it
1.all over my eyelid my eyeballs of my face
All this i hope will someday help me reduce my resemblence to the missing link.

The XAT forms can finally be downloaded from xlri site….umeed pe duniya kayam hai…

The new year of course brings with it new opportunities to embaress oneself,friends and family…more occassions to plant thine feet in thine mouth…and bore unsuspecting blog readers with total crap…till then

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