An Idea

22 Dec

My parents are as technologically challenged as they come…all their lives they have resisted any upgrade with the same amount of willpower as the British faced the Blitskrieg..I utterly failed to make them comprehend Bill Gtaes power(what is an OS?it helps start the computer…the remaining questions are too embaressing to take server space) so finally after much persuasion my dad finally got around to using my discarded mobile..poor thing wasn’t aware of the hundred traps the cell companies lay out before you..when i finally taught him how to message(on STD,don’t even try imagining how much that cost) he would message away to glory little realising Idea people were laughing their awy to the bank…When realisation finally dawned he stopped that…One day on dialling his number i awas greeted with a dialer ring tone…hmmm…so dad was finally embracing technology..Few days ago i was told he hadn,t subscribed to any such thing(the amount of time it tok me to explain what a dialer tone is another story)On calling up customer care i found out they have made poor dad subscribe to every goddamn available scheme all without his knowledge..every day they would deduct some amount for various shemes he never used..not to mention the monthly deductions…the linguistically challenged support staff told me to deactivate the dialer tone by calling 4444…he just forgot to tell me the catch,4444 works at the rate of 7/ while the IVRS droned on for some minutes i listened but finding no mechanism to shut the tone off i finally cut the phone only to find the balance sustantially reduced…
Perhaps for the first time I realised the virtue of MTNL as the tone of the automated voice atill tells me to keep waiting as my call is important to them!

PS:do dukh:
1.Dilpreet got eliminated in IndianIdol
2.MCD maar dhaad in Rohini

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