IIT eh?

19 Dec

On 9 December 2001 I sat for IIT-JEE like 2 lakh others of my ilk…i attempted a grand total of 9 questions out of which i managed to get half wrong according to the prompt solutions provided by FITJEE the next day in papers..the rank card came a month later announcing a rank of 50000 odd…ah well!
Since i did not belong to the group of people who considered IIT their mecca and had just given engineering entrances because i had nothing better to do after school..I quickly shoved the card aside and carried on with life.When CUSAT offered me a seat i packed my bags and planted myself there before they realised their mistake..since then i have met countless occasions with technical education that has made me wish i were anywhere but there but i held no hard feelings towards IIT except the general desire held by the entire non-IIT engineering folks of wanting the entire 2000 of them to disappear off the face of earth..
This feeling increased in intensity as I prepared for CAT…Some days ago I had the luck to go to IIT-D again thanks to TKS persuing his M.Tech there and while genial looking folks smiled at me my innards screamed cocky!cocky!So Chetan Bhagat wrote a book with no story about life in IIT and it becomes a bestseller!So their worst off is equivalent to our best pay packs!!
And then the inner buddha asked me to leave moh get what you deserve in life…hmm…that’s why while our lot was forced to shuttle between Siberia and DOE(both located million kms apart)our future successors will have a 2 crore high-tech building all to itself,while we lived in overpriced under cleaned micro miniature room parading in the name of a hostel they would live in newly faster than lightening built hostel..
But probably they would have slogged for two years trying to balance OPAggarwal and Pradeep Science(do they still use em??) but somebody said once we became IIT our old CUSAT certs would be upgraded to the new status…i smiled back at the IITians smiling at me….


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2 responses to “IIT eh?

  1. Rohit

    December 19, 2005 at 4:56 am

    Yawn… stop flying. Come down to dear earth. CUSAT is not going to be an IIT (Google cache).

  2. d_grail

    December 19, 2005 at 5:00 am

    :-(( will av to live with the CUSAT degree i guess


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