saddi dilli

14 Dec

Real Man don’t ask directions
I read this at the back of the car racing ahead(if you can race in Delhi traffic that is)
Although i come back to this city at least once every 6 months, its face has completely changed since the time I left it(that’s just 3 years back).For one the metro is evrywhere,even if the line is not officially open and the numerous flyovers have totally changed the place. A lot of building that i used as identification marks no longer stand but now I can find my way around by checking the nearest mall.Delhi has 54 of them!!

But perhaps more than the cosmetic changes I find it more time-taking to accept the cultural shock.After spending 6 months in a place where by simply wearing jeans and your department tee(which due to bulk supply was made size L to fit the long,the short,the fat,the thin, and every remaining category) you will get the charitraheen ladki look in buses its difficult fanthom what’s going in the mind of the lass stuck to her boyfriend on bike attired in a sleeveless when the temperature is hovering around -3.3

Also it took time to accept the girls puffing away to glory in front of Gargi College.Perhaps the mallu conservatism is finally coming out.I am convinced am the only thing under 22 who is not blonde!and does not have straightened hair!and is not snow white fair thing to roam DU grounds.Indeed am totally not with it!!

Other things remain more or less similar.Buses are crazy here also.Plus you are perpetually scared that you may have got into the wrong bus and would reach JLN stadium instead of Shivaji. Law of gravity still acts on standing passengers of male species only when the bus turns left and they can fall crotch first onto the ladies seat occupant. Inertia takes affect when the bus turns the other way and they are still on your lap.

And lastly Delhi newspapers to whom I shall be eternally indebted for introducing me to the world of reading are increasingly representing tabloids.Blame it on TV or the short attention spans!I wonder how the editorial still survives!

Manjunaths murder doesn’t get any mention in the papers so have not been able to follow that here…

so till next!

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