women and religion

23 Nov

One would expect me to shout with joy now that my externals are finally over and am done with CAT(just dont ask how…more of that later) but during these days I had been reading the Gita to keep my nerves in check and that’s when it got my goat…

There was a stanza which went how people of lowly birth can attain enlightenment through the Supreme One…but guess whose is a lowly birth??women of course…
Throughout the text they are treated as people(ooops…objects) who will cause truthful,god-fearing men to go astray…they are obviously least interested in nirvana and like(they are too busy corrupting the men i guess)…and basically are not worth spending any time on(except avoidance of course)..

That’s the Gita, Buddha says to attain nirvana one has to leave wine,wealth and women…that would account why he left his wife and son at midnight with no notice…

And don’t even get me started on the Bible…Mary Magdalene anyone(Dan Brown’s contribution to the war of sexes)…

This will start me all over again about rights and the remaining I ll leave it at that…After my delhi blast post I had thought of keeping my more controversial thoughts to myself but then THIS IS MY PLACE right!!


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5 responses to “women and religion

  1. critic

    November 24, 2005 at 12:26 pm

    well well what do we have here .. anactivist in teh making .. or is it??? huh?? well it seems u are concerned with the problems forced up on women .. wel have u ever done any thing abt it . besides..”BLOGGIN” .. ever tried to put u’r effort in brigin somone fwd?? with out thikin of teh cosequences.?? without .. ever thinkin . that u wil have to pay sometin frm u’r part?? just think . i eman why do u ahve to write abt stuff. wn u cant actually do nothin . .. do u even deserve to write this.. be cause . u let all this happen women ..coz every one thiks itz not my problm… wel what am i to do .. if somtin happens a zillion miles away??.. well make it u’r problemm.. will u .. only tehn u can find some answerss.. not but just commenting . on gita .. or tellin jesus was married .. or somtin . let it be someoenelse problemm … if jesus was maried or not .. if u would have pt hals teh effort in findin out abt lady magdelene.. and teh gits stuff u pulled out . on some usful work … mey be help someone .. teh world would ahve been a beter place for somone to live on .. try vandana shiva.. megha patkar.. for a changee…. or u can .go around writin abt what tehy did for n u;r blog. or u can write what u did for a change ….. chaoo
    hopin to read u’r next blog 😉

  2. Neo Kluber

    November 25, 2005 at 8:23 am


    If d_grail was ‘bloggin’ what were you doing? Trying to impress the world with your pompous words? You ended up wasting 1250 bytes on the server, more than that I wasted time on your so called ‘criticism’. Now don’t tell me, instead of writing this down, I could’ve used some four letter words on you and closed my browser!

    d_grail, welcome back from your sojourn!! It seems you are building up quite a fan base these days!

  3. critic

    November 26, 2005 at 9:35 am

    well neao.. why cant u just open up .. if u wann asay fuck off why not say it. man .show some spine.or ewr u tryin to be polite…?? wel i kinda have a pretty idea of wht i am doin man.. wel i am happy that u notice the fan followin of d_grail… nd i am pretty sure u are pretty happy .carryin her ass around…

  4. lazythinker

    November 26, 2005 at 9:46 pm

    well well what do we have here…. there people filling up my absence on dgrail’s blog site. I thot dgrail that i d ask you if u missed me all this while i was gone but seems u already had enuf on ur hands. critic is visibly poor in writtng out his thoughts clearly but reading what he s wcommented, one may deduce that he also poor in understanding what others have written too. Dgrail did not say that the attitude adopted towards women by the scriptures is not her problem, on the contrary she made it evidently clear that it is. And writting avout issues, bringing them out of the closet into the open is doing something. Moreover, the research dgrail has put in says a lot about her wanting to do something about it or not. Dgrail has at least realised the problem about which i think critic is in denial. I am sure if it was upto dgrail (this is based on her previous posts) if it was upto dgrail, she would not have let women

  5. lazythinker

    November 26, 2005 at 9:49 pm

    I am sure if it was upto dgrail (this is based on her previous posts) if it was upto dgrail, she would not have let women be reffered to us people of lowly birth in the holy scriptures. If she was there at the time, she would have certainly done something about it. N btw critic ‘spreading awareness’ is the first steo towards solving any problem. If only u werent so ignorant. But dgrail I have something for u tooo, are u sure u ve understood the scripture properly? I have not read it so I cant comment for sure.
    Till some more controversial posts from u…


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