11 Nov

Sometimes I surprise myself…kanjoos me is actually typing this from a cafe…in between my exams (including ADA which absolutely should be scrapped…God knows the torture i went through yesterday..) am planning to launch an investigation into the Delhi bomblast just like a reader has advised..I don’t want to react too much to comments because if i didn’t want them i could always turn the feature off..but I write things in my blog which I feel about..sitting 3000 km or in fact even if I were next door the only thing I could possibly do would be to ask people to be carefull and say no to prejudice or fanaticism of any sort..if there is anything else I could possibly do please let me know ,I ll do it..
As for the suspended students they are reinstated and cause for their suspension wasn’t standing up2 the morally wrong but instead inter-party scuffle..
and yes life will lose its meaning if there is no mahasagar jiska ant i have to search..
till next

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  1. lazythinker

    November 11, 2005 at 9:58 am

    my my my dgrail just refuses to leave us. so kanjoos dgrail, if I may have the permission to call you that, you did manage to find time in your busy schedule to keep in touch. waht i would like to ask you, again if I have the permission to, why do you pretend no t to react to comments on your blog. what this guy has said has certainly affected you as you have given a detailed explanation as to all his allegations.
    anyways, at least he has helped me in an indirect way way in convincing you that there are people who shall read your blog. From his comments it seemed that he had read quite a few of your posts.
    Also dgrail, I dont kno if you ve noticed or not but I dont ave a single post of my own on my blog but I seem to be regularly commenting on yours. In a way you ve made the job easier for this lazythinker. So I would like to thank you too. Also, say o hi from me to your lazylibran friend who I think should actually be called the lazythinker
    till next


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