is mahasagar ka koi ant hai??

03 Nov

My provider it seems doesn’t want to disconnect me but make me check my inbox a 100 times even the day before exams…

Anyways after wasting the previous 5 months of this semester,hitting books now for any period of time longer than 6 mandatory hours has become mighty impossible..I mean how much can you take of complexity of algorithms(ugh!) in a day??a zillion algos designed by somebody much smarter( we are talking about Stanford and CUSAT here) and since they zoom past your head, you take other wiser people’s suggestionof stop trying to understand and write it again & again till you remember(also called rote or by-hearting) works well for Prim’s algo but then you study Kruskal and Djikstra and then you dont remember what you were trying in the first place…

In fact today’s day was spent in the alter of Networks,the only subject this sem which can even try to make a claim at being interesting…but then you can have only so much of routing then you feel like leaving the Internet to its devices and being spared of the details how your request carrying your IP address goes to a DNS…blah..blah…

Moving onto other stories…The charge being levied from us for electricity is increasing faster than oil going by example we should also launch an invasion on pretext of hidden biological sorry for the pathetic sense of humor…just taking a break after Kurose-Ross asked me to imagine being a packet-switched datagram!

If i ever reach the end of networking d_grail will speak again..

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One response to “is mahasagar ka koi ant hai??

  1. lazythinker

    November 4, 2005 at 2:52 pm

    what temptation can be keeping the buddha here with us? After so many announcements of a much deserved hiatus from the world of maya the buddha just seems unable to give up this materialistic world for furhter pursuit of enlightement. If you are still here I am not complaining, let me make it clear for the buddha just somehow always misunderstands me. Lemme share a one pearl of wisdom, not necessarily my own, as I am a lazythinker. Be thankful that your mahasagar doesnt end. If life is like an ocean, treat each hardship each challenge as an oyester waiting to throw up, a pearl. The day the mahasagar ends, you will have nothing that same night to compel you to wake up the next. Each obstacle is an incentive to face the sun again the next day take life head on.


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