My melancholy….days

31 Oct

Little out of mood today..part of it owing to the recent fight with tonsilitis. Up and about only today..thanx mainly to manu n deep…

Then the bomblasts in Delhi…makes you feel scared 4 ur loved ones still to figure out the logic of killing innocent people.Do the terrorists believe heaven awaits them after what they have done??wouldn’t they instead die a 70 deaths , one for each person they butchered?and many more times for the loved ones whose heart they broke?

Of course such an outrage in NY or London could start another War on Terror,we would just have another MEA round,a commision,and justice or lack of it 15 years later by the time the persons responsible would be enjoying a life in exile…only people left to mop the floor are the bereaved family…

anyways from tomorrow yours truly is offline for a month at least…if the SFI continues its strike against the suspension of its leaders and the externals get postponed,i can bid adeiu to my CAT dreams as well
so life truly not looking up now


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2 responses to “My melancholy….days

  1. Anonymous

    November 5, 2005 at 9:12 am

    well is u are so outraged about the bombblast in delhi ..nd ..other terror stuff ,..why dont u get u’r ass out their and do sometin abt it .. just sittin here and bitchin about it wont help .. all of us doin teh same thin just concerned about the fate of the world ..and not doin a damn single thing about it … wel .i gues u must have beter things to do .roght /u’r internals ..u’r placement .. u’r cat dreams… u have worries for u’r cat exam .have u thought about teh five guys that were suspended… ?? their internals ??.. their ..xamz?? forget cat ..the externals??…nd why are they supended..because they dared to do stand up against somtin that was correptin … the students out her e..well talkin about how concerned abt bomb blasts wont help ..any one …do somtin ..action i mean ..or just shut up and immerse u’rself in some books .dear…

  2. anonymous fren..

    November 6, 2006 at 6:25 pm

    one hr b4 de blast i was there only to bid bbye to one of my very close fren ..wht if she ..can’t forget tht day…like u rn’t goin 2 forget bout mumbai bomb blast one yr later..n u were in local a day b4 to c off ur fren..


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