Mister God,This is me

29 Oct

forgive me my Lord my little jokes on Thee
and i shall forgive Thine great big one on me

I am down with fever since yesterday and in between Deepti and Manu fussing over me and sleeping, staring intently at the cobwebs on the cieling and worrying about the clothes i had soaked in water day b4 and which by now would have become biological weapons of mass destruction i went in2 the the-pupose-of-my-existance mode..

I am a believer and feel really sorry 4 the nons…Why??
The got 2 blame themselves for everything gone wrong..No refuge in bhagwan jo bhi karta hai…or God works in mysterious ways
They need to believe in too many coincidences and not in divine plan of things
No hell or heaven for them so no point in trying to be good and score brownie points

No but really life is somuch easier to think a big,all-powerfull,benevolent God is watching over you…so easy to leave your troubles to god in prayer and then move forward,to think bad times come to make you strong..i can go on..

I too indulge in God-bashing and go through why-me more than often but there are too many blessing to count..

here’s one of my fave story

A man walking at the sunset on the beach of his life notices a pair of footsteps besides his own..except for the really bad times when his faith,family and friends had desrted him and he was trudging alone..
angry he yellled why God it seems ven you had left me in those days…and then he heard the reply…those lonely footsteps you see,they are mine.At that point in time you couldn’t walk with your own feet so i carried you…

One more thing due to our impending semester exams, all 3 of us have agreed to disconnect the net 4 a month..
after thet i’ll be going home to Delhi for a month and a half so may not be able to post unless i find some means of FREE net connection at the place of my training..
so dear invisible readers please bear with sure i ll return with more relevations of life after my 3 month sojourn


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3 responses to “Mister God,This is me

  1. Anonymous

    October 29, 2005 at 12:58 am

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  2. lazythinker

    October 29, 2005 at 1:29 am

    aahh the buddha goes of on a vacation??? perhaps after all the hard work you need a rejuvenating spell. If I can possibly catch a few of your precious moments before you are off… y would you want to thank me? what have I done to receive this gracious blessing???

  3. anonymous fren..

    November 6, 2006 at 6:02 pm

    u must nt b knowin bt one of our’s truly fan ‘ll start rewritin blogs again after one n half yrs break on de same day an yr later i.e 29/10/06


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