oru half egg biryani

26 Oct

My mother used to fast every friday so dad n me used to get a rehash of Thursday’s food every friday…dad wud be smart enough to eat from outside and come and i would generally face the yellow curry alone…God i hated that.Till i came to Kochi that is.

When i shifted to my present hostel our matron promised me that there wud be chicken every Thursday.Unfortunately it remained a promise.Throughout the time we had mess i never saw anthing even remotely chicken am wrong i did see the all pervasive egg curry or mutta curry..Everyday the cook would carry a limited set of what was supposed to be chappati but would be just semi cooked aata…and a big pot which had a dozen boiled eggs floating in bright yellow curry and you had to see how hungry girls(including yours truly) would make a dash 4 it..the egg would be invariably tossed in2 the waste but still…

Then we were given the choice of mess out…overjoyed we started eating out..but soon realised the drawbacks of goin broke by middle of the month..

And then it happened..Sunita returned from class one day and said pata hai Nas main half egg biryani milta hai..That statement changed our lives.

If u were to regularly eat from small hotels or thattu kadas in Kochi u would realise that the options are rather limited..the kerala parotta and cetain curries and the biryanis(we are talking of edibles here and severe budgetry considerations) so the egg biryani soon became a staple diet..and the half egg biryani comes at 10 bucks..

No words can do justice to the experiance of eating egg biryani at lunch and dinner..there was a time when we thought we could not face it any longer and yet we would return at every lunch hour and after deliberations and having the waiter hang around for sometime invariably order the half egg biryani..
Its almost a year since our affair with the half egg biryani started and you need to enjoy the ambience of the tiny cramped place,the plastic chairs,the TV blaring tambi or mal songs,the smell of yesterday s food to fully comprehend the joy when the waiter moves towards you carrying the miniature plate containing your half egg biryani..


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2 responses to “oru half egg biryani

  1. Anonymous

    February 7, 2006 at 6:40 am

    enjoi it while u can, coz may b 6 months down the line u’ll be feasting on “pongal” n curd rice if u land up deep down like many of ur seniours did 😉

  2. anonymous fren..

    November 6, 2006 at 5:34 pm

    nw this z a gud1 to read…we 2 had same conditions .. n most of de tyms when u used to eat egg biryani shayad ham fkd(fauzi ka dhaba or our lyf line)mein honge..bechaari tum..kaash tumhe maloom hota..history repeats itself..n u hv 2 eat de same kinda food yr later@mumbai..tht 2 w/o ne back up lyk egg biryani


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