last minute fixes

25 Oct

We were given graphics assignment about 2 months back but as usual the five of us in the group chose to sleep over it till the sword of submission hung over our then internals n other submissions also came up…so as always everything was left 4 the day before.We do tend to take crossing the bridge when we come to it on its face value..

So Diwakar,one of our team-mates sent us skeleton programs expecting us to at least contribute by finishing them..but programming & logic being all our forte that didn’t get much far than googling endlessly for readymade codes…

So it was time to get worried.Thankfully we have Sunita sponsered all day net connection now so it was time to ask help from all possible to save apna naak..
Amit was sweet enough to volunteer and make the difficult case of super ellipse for us..he even missed some sort of get together for this and the super ellipse was our saving grace..

We also thought of asking for help from the super programmer KK and he did respond pretty fast and gave us some sort of working code for mid point line clipping algo which Diwakar got to work for all cases except one..

Our last prgm was to have a man walking in rain and hold his umbrella according to the direction of the rain..we had like 5 programs by yesterday nite with the help Amit and DJ but in some it was raining inside the umbrella,the others the rain stopped mid-air and the one i modified the man would travel across the screen and the rain would follow!

Anyways the submission was today and it went pretty ok so i guess we should thank our stars and the people involved because yesterday evening all we had was a zero..
so this is 4 them


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3 responses to “last minute fixes

  1. Neo Kluber

    October 25, 2005 at 12:26 pm

    Hehey! The rain following the man thing was great! Graphics labs could be fun sometimes! I had that in 5th sem. We were doing it in VBasic and a man had to hit a ball into the basket. I messed up somethin, hit the ball, the ball stood there and the man ran to the post! Volleyball became a rugby!

    I used to feel like a fool throughout the lab and whole world around me seemed to be filled with intellgent souls – like the guy next to me, who designed para trooper game! He drew a black line over the while line to create the moving missile effect! Where’re my neurons!

  2. Rohit

    November 16, 2005 at 7:27 am

    Alas, but the so called super programmer didn’t do things on time 😦

  3. anonymous fren..

    November 6, 2006 at 5:20 pm

    its gud 2 read ur blog after one year…again don hv nethin to comment upon…don knw de other characters n seems lyk u didnt contributed nethin..


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