City buses, a cat and amul

16 Oct

just back after Simcat4…yes yes buddha has materialistic ambitions as well..unfortunately sims remind me exactly where i stand..(the answer is nowhere)
every sunday since the day i started nursing this ambition starts with an hour journey from campus to Thevara junction..this includes a 15 min walk to the bus stop where inability to read my mother tongue forces me to ask the conductor of each passing bus if its going to thevara..however now my prayers have been answered and few buses do carry a sign saying “navel base”(hm.. so much 4 the navy)
generally these buses are empty as only a few would venture out in the morning on a sunday…but alas today i was fighting for a foothold..the 100 people stepping on your feet and remaining there oblivious to your muffled shrieks of pain and contortions of your face can be forgiven but those who shove their smelly armpits on your face and breathe them all your way,can’t be.
Malayalis don’t use deo and coupled with the copious amount of hair oil they smear you have a stink bomb right under your nose(no offence meant since am a malayali 2)
so finally you get down and reach your centre after the auto-wallah has further relieved your pocket and you sit down b4 your paper and you tell yourself am gonna rock this time but as usual DI and QA slip out of your reach and pathetic single digit score leaves lil to imagination in those section..and the depressing realisation that an year of stinky buses and still you wont be anywhere near belling the cat..
the only thing i look forward to while coming back is the Amul advert board near Harbour View…Amul always comes up with these adverts relating to what’s in news and i simply love the buttery twist they give to even the most horrid scandals..this week had Chappel n Ganguly play gaali cricket…great work guys..
so till rajat hooda,akshat and mohit kumar post their scores at i can dream of belling the cat.


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2 responses to “City buses, a cat and amul

  1. Neo Kluber

    October 25, 2005 at 12:02 pm

    Hehe! Your comments on simcat has brought back some memories to me!

    As soon as my 10th class results were out, I ordred Brilliant tutorials’ IIT JEE training course. Every month a big booklet with mock tests reached my home. They even have a schedule for the next 30 days printed on that. First day itself I’d take up the exercise book, start solvin hi fi math only to realise that my brain has got much less transistors to process such a terrabyte of data! In about 30 minutes I give up and postpone everything for the next day. At the end of my 12th class(after two years!!!) to my horror I realised that I couldn’t complete the first one of the 24 booklet course! My IIT dream remained a dream in my dream but somehow I made it through Kerala govt’s CET.

    Soon after the 4 year Btech course, I got a small job in Kochi. Those were real fun with the daily trips to marine drive, an occasional movie at Sridhar(to me, it’s the only civilised theatre in the whole of Kerala!), walking back from Marine drive to Kaloor with friends at midnight! Kochi is a beauty, the only thing is that people need to change their attitude, they should have some lessons in social etiquettes atleast!

    Life was cool, but suddenly it struck me – the small job was not going to take me anywhere. Many of my batchmates were already in big big MNCs that too in US and UK. Poor me, with an average 67% at my hand, couldn’t make it to any of them. Then came the whole new dream – IIM CAT! I managed to get all those simcat modules from TIME and started preparing. The first day was a thunder, the next day saw a little less thunder, third one lesser and finally a drizzle and all SIM CAT books found their place in that aloof corner of my room!

    But life did go on! God’s shell script got a bug and me, this poor me, got a job in a Bombay MNC!

    The current pursuit is GRE! oh no, where are those books….yikes!!

    d_grail, who says nobody reads your blogs! You rock!

  2. anonymous fren..

    November 6, 2006 at 4:51 pm

    hmmm…action speaks louder than words…results r out months back..n u r in a gud clg…so no comments again…ganguly n chappel thin happened long back ..old stuff to give opinion bout..


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