11 Oct

actually started this whole thing yesterday night but technologically challenged as i was it resulted in something viewable only today…anyways making progress 🙂
the day starts as usual with the inane desire to sleep away the rest of my life…y have to get up,brush eat and then face the books again only to again run into the arms of sleep again at the first given opportunity…
got my internals next week(this could be on the way to become universal cribber blog) and lab internal on sat so need to study asap since am no programming kk(literally n figuratively)…but today i actually have the official bahana of saraswati pooja(goin by that i can celeberate that year round)
anyways am yet to get my 3 best frenz here in2 this and since their life may b of more appeal value i ll do dat in a jiffy…

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