The Under-Appreciated Hollywood Blockbusters

Apparently Hollywood summer releases aren’t doing that well. However there have been a bunch of better-than-your average mega movies out there. And you might have missed them because most of them got the short end of the stick by the critics. As a sworn movie buff who starts planning weekend movie outings on a Tuesday as well as a science nerd who loves superhuman humans, I decided to list down the movies which haven’t really set the box office on fire but should have. In my opinion of course. I have left out the usual franchisee and established superheroes.

lucy_xlgLet me start with a movie that is playing in the theaters currently (so that you can catch it!) – LUCY. The trailers took the inter webs by storm, the actual movie not so much. Critics call its fantastical and perpetuating unscientific theory. Because you know movies are usually only about reality and reporting of the truth! The movie perpetuates a myth but is better than your usual action blockbuster in so many ways. Its the best unreal TED talk ever! Sacrlett Johansson is in fine form, there are good action pieces and enough suspense. And it has Paris.

edge_of_tomorrow_ver10The second underappreciated movie of this summer is Edge of Tomorrow. I understand many people cant stand Tom Cruise now. I know what a disaster Oblivion was. But this is a movie in which he has tried to be a little different – a throwback to the old Tom Cruise if you may. Based on the graphic novel “All You Need Is Kill”, the premise is similar to Groundhogs Day– Cruise relives the day of his death over and over. The directors have taken this simple premise and made it inventive,entertaining and even humorous. Then there are the aliens and a kickass Emily Blunt as the Full Metal Bitch. Rotton Tomatoes ( 90% Fresh) and IMDB (8.1) kind of agree with me on this one.

The third movie I suggest released last year sank in the US but did so well overseas that it got director Guillermo del Toro a sequel. Am talking about Pacific Rim. There are giant aliens getting smashed by giant Robots on the Pacific sea floor. For one you get a whole new fantasy universe, on top of which you have a Japanese heroine and  Idris Elba. Pacific Rim is big and silly and so much fun! As a reviewer wrote

Bro, it comes down to this: if you can’t turn the brain meat off and sit back and enjoy Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi and Idris Elba beating the crap out of some monsters then, dude, you’re the monster.

Waiting for Jaegers and Kaijus to go at it again in 2017.


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There is something about Europe

I planned on going to Europe the day I landed a job. I obviously thought my employer would foot the bill as I jet setted making decisions that would take the company to higher growths paths and a leader in marketplace.
6 years have passed. Neither of the above has happened.
So one day I decided that the Amazons of the world had eaten enough of my hard earned money- I mean there are only so many dresses one could wear and only so many variations of face cream one could apply to fight wrinkles. I decided to go put down the money on some travel.
Now of course the dilemma.
Europe is big.
Every country has so much to offer.
I have job with limited set of days off.
Umm..INR to Euro isn’t a pretty conversion.
So I charted out a basic itenarary.
Paris has to be there. Because you know Europe gaye aur Paris nahi dekha?
I love Pasta and Elizabeth Gilbert had a good time in Rome so why not. While we are in Italy, let’s throw in Venice and Florence in it.
Heard Italy and France are a bit stingy with the Schengen, but you know who likes everyone to join their party- the Dutch! Amsterdam got added.
12 days in Europe. 7-8 placed to see.
Should be doable?
Booked my flights. Booked hubby’s flights. Booked hotels. Gave passport for visa ( adding Amsterdam didn’t help, the country you stay in the longest counts- so Italian embassy it was), swore on my life that I didn’t plan to immigrate illegally by producing various forms of genuinely-nice-woman-about-to-boost-your-tourism-industry proof in triplicate.
Then the wait began.
A month to go.
Thankfully Italians visa officials loved my bank statement in triplicate.
Now to pack for this trip.
Backpack around Europe? I have definitely seen the back of that dream the day I crossed 30.
Weather? Not really summer yet, so should pack a couple of woolens. What do I have that doesn’t make me look like an aunty from Karol Bagh out to shop at Sombazaar? Can this print Kurti stand it’s own again Parisian fashionistas. Does this skinny jeans make me look like a stuffed sausage? How many shoes are too many? Does Nike women’s pro-runner go with this brand new Zara dress I had saved for the day wearing short dresses on a caudal outing becomes acceptable in India for 30 plus folks. When do I wax my legs to make it last the entire 12 days without that epitome of feminity -leg stubble ruin my Zara wearing plans.
Decisions had to be made.
Because you know this-better-be-the-best-trip-ever.

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Social situations scare me.
I blame it on my childhood like all
things wrong with me. I was an only child, with hardly any friends outside my school and no cousins or playmates my age. People hardly visited us. Like language skills I picked up social interaction outside my home which means I do okay with people my age, tend to revere people older and have no idea what to do with people significantly younger. This has held me good stead as a student but as I progress in life I have realised the price I pay for being anti social and unapproachable. I have definitely paid it in my professional life but being married into a family that is social and very out there often makes me stick out like a sore thumb.
People often take reticence for pride. They don’t understand how something so natural, for why man is a social animal after all, could be tough for anyone. It’s easier to think the other person just thinks too much of themselves than imagine they are uncomfortable or scared in company.
But let’s focus this essay on how it feels to be socially awkward in a world of extroverts.
It sucks.
When your body language is closed, you struggle with small talk, you feel no desire to befriend new people or make them like you – let’s just say your life ain’t going to be a bed of roses.
I wish I could close this with 10 steps to work around this but I can’t. I can only hope the people closest to me understand my introvertishness and adapt their gregarious nature to it. I realise there are certain traits which will always be gold standards for humanity and preferring my own company on Saturday night and claiming no credit for work you do aren’t gonna be on it. I strive towards the established traits of universally loved human beings but it has taken me around half a lifetime to finally accept I can’t change some of my hard coding.
So next time you ( you being the standard issue social creature) see someone who seems more interested in their glass of water than coming over and talking to you- make the first move. They will be relieved and who knows you may be one of the few friends they make in their lifetime .

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I attended this workshop on developing some personal skills few days ago. It was pretty good and very expensive for my company. One of the areas they covered was the kind of person you are- the “me” factor in any equation and to flex your style based on situations.
Now this knowledge is nothing new. There are hundreds of personality tests out there. I did one as soon I had joined the company which wholeheartedly recommended me for the function I joined in.
Its good to sometimes do a simple 10 questions set, be slotted in a box and read your characteristics. As I nodded along in agreement to the traits that people of my box apparently displayed I wondered if this is just one of the things we are programmed to do- this sort of identification to such scientific slotting. I remember reading Linda Goodman during my teens and thinking how accurate her description of Saggitarians was. Of course with age I know it was all hogwash and I am nothing like that sample Sagittarius woman.
20140321-230537.jpgOhh and for the record am apparently a data person and display the reserved impersonal demeanor of one. I like to think its true. Am pretty introvert-ish , like to keep my head down and do my work, and crunch through huge amounts of data pretty quickly ( one of the reasons I love the inter webs is the non stop data overload, I revel in it). But I also have offbeat ideas ( ideas people) get along fairly well with people ( people people) and can get obsessed with targets ( results people).
Yes we may all have dominant styles. I have drowned many a people persons with data. But I wonder how effective it is to box people into 4 quadrants and “flex” our styles accordingly.
I have a 90 day follow up to the course  which should tell me.

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That moment when you find yourself staring at a patent/ elderly relative and realise you haven’t really been seeing them as they are, but as they were a decade ago.
And in doing so, have failed to notice that wholly different person, with wholly different needs, has supplanted the person of your memories – despite your being convinced that you had been carefully monitoring their growing frailties.

Read this here. Had to share.

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Elephant memory

Do you know how captive elephants are trained to not run away? They have these 15-20 kilo heavy chains around their legs. Now you would wonder why an elephant which weighs tonnes could possibly feel constrained by a chain weighing a few kilos?
Of course there is a backstory.
When the elephants are small, the trainers tie these chains around their legs/or to a peg. When the baby elephant tries to run away the chain pulls it back. It even cuts the baby elephants legs sometimes further causing hurt. Soon enough the baby elephant gets conditioned that it can’t escape as long as the chain exists.
This baby elephant can grow upto a multi tonne giant as an adult but in its mind the 15kg chain is a barrier it can’t overcome.

Many days of the year I am that elephant resigned to the memories of failure. Except I know the chains can be broken but am too consumed by my memories of feeling inadequate.

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Being a feminist

Alternatively titled To not think feminism means being entitled in the times of Sheila Ki Jawani/Pour It Up/Insert relevant pop culture song.

Feminism is a dirty word for women of my generation. We snigger and loathe it quietly. Recently my organisation took up the task of workplace gender balance correction with great gusto. The men made in appropriate jokes about recruiting large number of women. But the women themselves? Well some of us were ashamed.

We don’t need special treatment. We are as good as the men aren’t we ? Glass ceiling ? What glass ceiling- the only ceiling I see is made of this nice woodwork.


And to a great extent it’s true. The lucky few of us who walk down these corridors have had it relatively easy. We have supportive families who gave us whatever they would give their sons, we cleared the right exams, got the right jobs, married supportive husbands, work in bias free environments.

But it still says something if I am still the only woman in a meeting room of 15. And yes and that’s why feminism is not a dirty word. We as a generation reaped the benefits of fight someone else put in on behalf of us. They where separate bathroom for women, gender sensitization courses and paid maternity leaves.

And this is about the maybe 0.001% of us who occupy managerial position in corporate. For majority of the women life hasn’t had this dramatic shift within two generations. But I will reserve my comments about the uphill task of women’s equality for some other day.

I believe in my capacity I can make it easier for women working with me. I can make boss-woman less of a novelty. And most importantly just because I got the handles to compete in less unequal field doesn’t undermine the struggles most of my gender goes through.

From one of my favorite books “How To Be A Woman” by Caitlin Moran

“We need to reclaim the word ‘feminism’. We need the word ‘feminism’ back real bad. When statistics come in saying that only 29% of American women would describe themselves as feminist – and only 42% of British women – I used to think, What do you think feminism IS, ladies?What part of ‘liberation for women’ is not for you? Is it freedom to vote? The right not to be owned by the man you marry? The campaign for equal pay? ‘Vogue’ by Madonna? Jeans? Did all that good shit GET ON YOUR NERVES? Or were you just DRUNK AT THE TIME OF THE SURVEY?”


I wrote this years ago. I still find it as relevant now as on that day.

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